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Julian Klincewicz, artist/photographer/director
März 2022

I want to look at it and love it

Und überall sonst wo es Podcasts gibt.
Such einfach nach OHNE DEN HYPE in deiner Lieblings-App.

You’ve already guessed it but this is another one in English. Julian came to Berlin for an exhibition but he lives in San Diego and I jumped on the opportunity to talk to him while he was in town.

But let’s be honest – I’m 40 now and Julian is the kind of guy I wouldn’t know about if I didn’t hang out with people way cooler than me. In this case Götz Offergeld of NUMÉRO Magazine was the one who brought him over and also the one who told me about him. But that’s just another example of how unsuited I really am to do this podcast. Julian is well known for his very distinctive style and also for having worked with the likes of Kanye, Beyonce, Gosha and other people that don’t really need a surname.

But while I really love his visual work what I connected with most was his music. Which reminds me so much of really mellow surf movies from the 90s. And that probably the highest compliment I can give.

We talked about boundaries, being true to your own vision, working with other artists, about Julian living the cliche dream of being an artist in Japan, about working with Kanye, and so much more.