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Changes come from people not from institutions

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Just to get this out of the way – you have not tuned in to the wrong podcast but this episode of OHNE DEN HYPE will be in English because my guest this time is Italian and though his German is actually quite good he preferred to do this in English. And to be perfectly honest, I was interested to see what the experience would be like for this podcast. So I think it’s just logical to also have this introduction in English, right?

Andrea Lissoni is the Artistic Director of Haus der Kunst in Munich. But with this pandemic going on his move to Munich and him taking over the museum could hardly have happened at a stranger time. I met him on a sunny day in the beginning of June more than a year after the first lockdown.

He showed me around the museum and to be perfectly honest I was rather overwhelmed. Just because I have a podcast in which I talk to artists does not mean that I have the slightest clue about experiential art. But Andrea’s passion is contagious and I found myself torn between wanting to take a few good photographs of my guest and just wanting to listen to him talk about what was going on around us.

When we sat down after a while I thought we might talk about how he got here but with Andrea it will always come back to the art and the experience of it. His willingness to explore something complete new paired with a deep knowledge of art and its history dazed and confused me at times. But at the same time he convinced me that there might be a revolution going on that I’ve missed so far.

I think in essence we talked about change and how such change can manifest. But we also talked about how he met Robert Frank, about how he searched for illegal raves in Los Angeles on MySpace, about NFTs and maybe most importantly about how change does not come from institutions but from people.

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